Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Harps at Historic Hanover House

We had such a fun time playing at Historic Hanover House! Located at Clemson University, the house was celebrating its 300th birthday and we were honored to be invited to play.

We enjoyed the beautiful Christmas decorations and absolutely LOVED the old piano! The label on it assured us that the piano maker (Joseph Kirkman) was the Grand Piano Maker for Her Majesty and His Royal Highness the Prince Regent. My, we are moving in exalted circles here! :)

We played on our harps as well as the old piano and the many people who came to visit seemed to enjoy it. Just for fun, we not only played Christmas carols from the time period, but also some folk and classical music that would have been played then as well. 

For those who are used to seeing us in our Civil War era clothing, these outfits look a little different! This is "regency" attire - the same date as the old piano (1811-1820). The dresses made us feel so elegant - although they were a trifle cold as the weather that day was in the 30s!

We hope you can come see us live at some of our other gigs this year, but remember that you can always bring us home with you - on CD! :)

We have two Christmas CDs, as well as CDs of historic American music. When people ask us which CD is our favorite, we tell them that we only play our favorite music - so they are ALL our favorites! You'll have to look at the song titles to see which CDs include YOUR favorites!

We hope you have  very merry and music-filled Christmas season!